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Permanent Make Up – Eyebrows

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Permanent Make Up – Eyebrows

The day begins and most women go through there makeup ritual in front of the mirror. Taking time effort to get everything perfect. However, the dream of waking almost ready, with the eyes and mouth outlined, or with that eyebrow straight, is already a reality for many women.

Thanks to micro-pigmentation, also known as permanent makeup, is gaining more popularly and attracting women of all ages.

The process is done for the purpose of modeling the eyebrows, delineating eyes and drawing lips, but can also be directed to the entire body, including to cover scars.

Here are some examples good or bad you decide.

Most wanted

According to research, the eyebrow are the most sought after

“The work helps to emphasize the face frame and improves self-esteem in many cases. I also emphasize practicality. Most jobs today require good looks and with the daily rush, the ultimate makeup saves the time of many women.

The application lasts for 1 to 2 hours, depending on the part of the body that will be worked. If required then anesthetics will be used, but this only happens in more delicate parts like halo and lips. “Elsewhere, it’s pretty easy,”


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