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How to Assemble a Tattoo Gun

Tattoo Equipment

How to Assemble a Tattoo Gun

How to Assemble a Tattoo Gun


A tattoo machine works similar to a bell. It’s movements are like a sewing machine which runs through an electromagnet. An electromagnet is just a magnet that can be turned on and off with electricity. Check out the diagram above to see all the components a tattoo machine is made out of.

The force comes from the tattoo machines coils. The electric power alternates from positive and negative through the capacitor. Which creates a magnetic field. When the magnetic field is activated, the armature bar makes contact with the contact point, this creates a complete circuit around the frame. This circuit causes the need to move rapidly up and down and this is how it penetrates the skin.

In the machine body, the bobbins are engaged downwards. Above you’ll find a back binding post and, attached to it, the body of the machine and the front and rear springs are mounted.


How to Build a Tattoo Machine


  1. Pass the needle through the barrel. The tip end should pass through the rear of the tube forward, leaving the end with the ring in the back.
  2. Load the tube into the tattoo machine. Be sure to attach the larger end to the machine body.
  3. Attach the needle ring to the front end of the needle holder. This is what causes the needle to move in and out of the tube.
  4. Use rubber cuffs to hold the needle and hold it firmly attached to the back of the tube, ensuring that it will not rock when working with it.
  5. Adjust the tube until there is one or two millimeters of needle out at the tip that will penetrate the skin. It’s not good to have too much or too little needle out. With little, the paint will not penetrate enough, while too much needle will overwork the skin, causing more pain and bleeding.
  6. After assembly, connect the machine to a power source. Make sure the pedal is within range and turn on the power.
  7. Step on the pedal and the circuit will cause the needle to move down and up. If this happens, the machine will be working properly.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you need assistance with assembly, consult a professional.
  • Be sure not to leave the needle exposed beyond the recommended distance, as it may overwork the skin region and may cause an infection.
  • Always use sterile equipment and needles. Buy sterile needles packs and never reuse them.
  • Wear latex gloves. Stay as clean and sterile as possible to avoid infection. If a tattoo gets infected, it will reject the ink and the tattooed image will be distorted.
  • If you do not know how to tattoo, you must first be apprentice to a professional. He can teach you everything you need to know and offer tips you would never hear on your own. It will ensure that you become a careful and professional tattoo artist. When people know this, they are more likely to let you tattoo them.

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