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Get inspired with Pics of Tattoo on Women

Women Tattoos

Get inspired with Pics of Tattoo on Women

Check out these tattoos for women and learn important tips to follow before, during, and after tattooing.

More and more women are getting tattooed in Today’s world. it is not uncommon to notice women on the streets displaying beautiful works of art on there bodies.

Large, colorful, or more discreet. The fact is that getting a tattoo is a decision that should be well thought out. After all, it’s going to be on your body forever so don’t just rush at the first cool idea that comes to mind, you also need to consider where the placement of the tattoo should be.

Pictures of female tattoos
To help you choose a tattoo design, we’ve put together some photos of Tattoos on Women to inspire you. Check them out to see what might look good on you.

Get Inspired: Female Tattoos for All Tastes



Delicate tattoos are indicated for women and girls who wish to make a very discreet design on the body, especially for those who do not want to draw too much attention with the tattoo. The most common delicate tattoos are stars, birds, hearts, mini-crowns, small flowers, feathers, symbol of infinity, among others.

According to RJ’s Art Factory tattoo studio and the Burlesque Tattoo Studio studio in GO, among the tattoos most women make are the tattoos of proper names (name of person, child, relative, boyfriend etc), phrases or words like “Seize the Day” or “love”, stars, butterflies and other delicate and meaningful drawings for the person. To see the full list of tattoos, check out the gallery at the link below.

The option of getting a tattoo on the back is usually tied to the size of the design chosen. Larger or longer designs are usually made on the back, because they are more harmonious in relation to the body. Bouquets of roses and long phrases are ideal for tattooing on this part of the body.

Wrist tattoos are an excellent option for those who want to show off the tattoo while maintaining delicacy, as the designs on this part of the body are usually small and discrete.

Tattoos on the feet generate very divergent opinions, while some love others they detest. But using common sense and good taste it is possible to do a tattoo in the foot without losing the charm. For inspiration, check out the gallery on the link below.

The shoulder is a place that allows from smaller tattoos to more elaborate and larger sizes. There is also the option of making a double, combined tattoo, equal on both shoulders.

Tips for choosing the studio

Drawing chosen, it’s time to look for the professional who will do the tattoo. Research hard, see photos of other tattoos made by him, try to talk to those who have been a client and make sure you have good references. It is also worth remembering that, in general, every tattooist has a specialty. While some are professionals in written tattoos, others are good at portraits and so on. So the trick is to look for a professional who has mastered the style of design you have chosen.

Another important point is to visit the tattoo artist’s studio to check the hygiene conditions of the place and the material used. The needles should always be disposable and the accessories cleaned and sterilized after being used on clients.

They must pass through two machines, the ultrasound and the autoclave. The ultrasound serves to remove the particles of dirt that are not visible to the naked eye, like traces of paint. The autoclave is responsible for the sterilization and packages the equipment, which must be opened only when used, in front of the customer.

The use of mask and gloves by the tattoo artist are also essential hygiene care. These measures are important to avoid any type of contamination, mainly by hepatitis.

Remember that a job well done is not usually cheap. The value of the work can also be influenced by the quality of the inks used. So be wary if the price is too low, it can be a trap.

Post-tattoo care

Once done, the care with the tattoo continues. You need to apply a specific ointment indicated by the tattoo artist at the tattoo site to aid in the recovery of the skin, which can take from one week to 60 days. On average three times a day is ideal.

The ointments usually contain dexpanthenol, an acid that helps the formation of the tissue without excessive exchange of cells improves the pigment fixation somewhat.

You should still avoid sunbathing, getting into the sea or swimming in this period. So getting a tattoo over the summer when lots of people go to the beach may not be a good idea. If you intend to get a tattoo, plan your time well and schedule yourself in advance.

After the healing period, you can already display your tattoo out there with no problems. But always remember to apply a sunscreen to the skin, especially if the tattoo is colored. This care is important to keep the design always beautiful.

Is it possible to remove a tattoo?

If you regret it and want to remove the design, there are already techniques for tattoo removal. But it is important to know that the result is not always satisfactory. Removing dark colors is easier, as vivid colors, such as yellow and blue, are more difficult. As for the price of treatment to remove tattoo, it varies according to size and colors.

Another solution is to take advantage of the features of the previous figure to make a new tattoo or cover the drawing with another.

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