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8 Tattoos For Those Who Are In Love With Makeup

Women Tattoos

8 Tattoos For Those Who Are In Love With Makeup

We selected ten cute and very colorful tattoo ideas for those who can not resist lipsticks, false eyelashes, brushes …

We scoured Instagram in search of some of the prettiest tattoos of makeup to inspire you and, perhaps, make a visit to the tattoo studio.

8. Vanity Tattoo

Vanity. Text 📞562.440.9877 for appointments. •••

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7. Colorful Tattoo


6.  Heart Shaped Vanity Tattoo


5. Eyelashes + outlined kitten Tattoo


4. All black Rainbow Tattoo


3. Old school Tattoo

2. Makeup Brush Set Tattoo


1. Black and Gray Makeup Tattoo



So which one of these sweet looking makeup tattoos would you get? My wife is in love with number 8 the Vanity Tattoo.

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