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7 Weirdest Tattoo Placements

Weird Tattoos

7 Weirdest Tattoo Placements

If you think that tattooing is done only on arms, legs and torso, you are quite mistaken – quite right. There is an increasing number of people who choose to tattoo very unusual body parts, such as the ones you will see below:

7 – Tatuoculars

Tatuoculars Tattoo


For those who like the glasses, the ring, the watch, or whatever. The important thing is to have a favorite accessory and tattoo it, to never be without it.

6 – Good news to the bald

fake hair tattoo


They say that it’s “the bald guys they like the most,” but there’s still a man who does not believe it, and if that’s your case, what about disguising the lack of hair with a tattoo? This type of cosmetic procedure is already done in the UK. The procedure takes an average of three hours and may require some retouching from time to time. So, is this the future of baldness treatments?

5 – Lip Tattoo

Inside Lip Tattoo


The inner side of the lower lip is quite chosen by those who like to mark the body, strange as it may seem. There are also those who tattoo the top, but it is more rare.

4 – Fluorescent Tattoo



This type of paint shines when exposed in black light – not in the dark, do not confuse. Usually the fluorescent tattoos are small or the ink is used just to give a little shine to a normal tattoo.

3 – Tongue Tattoo

Tongue Tattoo

If you do the Einstein style and enjoy taking pictures with your tongue out, maybe it’s a good idea to tattoo your tongue. There are already a lot of people doing this. The techniques are the same as those used for most common tattoos, except that there are chocolate, vanilla and garlic flavored inks.

The pain is much greater than that of an ordinary tattoo. In addition, the tattooed will have difficulties talking and eating in the first few days.

2 – Eye Tattoo

eye tattoo

The tradition of tattooing eyes began in a prison when a man named David Boltjes let his cellmate test an unorthodox method in his eyes.

The ink is applied to the Sclera, which is the white part of the eye, with the help of needles with generally blue or red dyes. The practice, although novelty, began more than 2,000 years ago, becoming very widespread in the nineteenth century, with the purpose of correcting vision problems, such as glaucoma.

1 – Sky of the mouth

sky of mouth tattoo


This type of art is not very widespread yet, because it must be quite difficult to tattoo this region. The star of the photo was made by a tattoo artist from Brazil.



Out of the images above which tattoo placement do you think hurt the most and would you get one of these tattoos? Tell us below.

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