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15 Tattoos to Inspire Those Who Love Cats

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15 Tattoos to Inspire Those Who Love Cats

The symbolism of the cat is well diversified, as it involves religion and mythology. In Ancient Egypt, Persian, Nordic and Celtic cultures they were revered animals as gods; in the Middle Ages, were brutally persecuted and burned at the stake along with the witches for being associated with black magic, darkness, evil, and sin.

In Buddhism, for example, the cat is a sign of superior wisdom and prudence . In English folklore, cats have magical powers and are protected against maltreatment .

Because of their vast symbology, cats still share opinions. There are those who do not tolerate for fear, others do not live without. But we can not escape the realization: more and more these pets are conquering homes, hearts and now “bodies”. Yes, it is still one of the most sought after tattoos in tattoo studios.

These may represent mistrust in relation to the world, agility, liveliness, light, independence, unconcern with any problem of others and freedom. It can also have a dubious character if it is black in color because it is characterized by its connection with the underworld.

15 ideas for cat tattoos
There are endless ways and styles to portray it. They have very faithful tattoos the cat’s image, caricatures, cute drawings, colored or not. If you want to express your love for these adorable animals in the form of a tattoo, get inspired below with these ideas for cat tattoos:

15 Tattoos to Inspire Those Who Love Cats


1. Cats are beautiful animals and charming by nature

Cat Tattoo on Foot

Source : Monmon Cats

2.Colorful and Unique Cat Tattoo

3. Cute Flower Cat Tattoo Design

4. Delicate Cat Tattoo Design

Delicate Cat Tattoo Design

Source:kayla moon

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